Exclusive Google/Youtube FEX Leads

All Leads ARE Exclusive. They will be sent to you only

You will receive your leads via email and on a google spreadsheet. The leads will be sent as they come in (In real time).

You should receive your entire order within 2-3 days.

Leads will start coming in within 24hrs of placing the order unless you state otherwise in the "instructions" part below.

We will replace any leads with incorrect phone number and those that are more than 50 miles away from you. 

Support contact Information will be supplied on the thank you page after your order is placed

We Are NOT Taking Orders In The following areas (if you're in those area text us on 850 298 8266 before placing an order):

Do NOT place an order is you need leads in counties of the following states: Washington, Virginia, Nebraska, Texas, Wyoming, Tennessee, Florida (Unless you can do statewide leads)

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    40 Leads$1100.00
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    50 Leads$1375.00
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    60 Leads$1650.00
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    80 Leads$2200.00
  • Preferred option
    100 Leads$2750.00

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